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Siobhan O'Sullivan - Dispensing Assistant



Siobhan comes from Co. Kerry in Ireland, and has lived in Perth for four years. She studied Business Administration at Cork, and then began working in the hospitality industry as a hotel receptionist, before progressing into account administration positions.

Siobhan has worked in optics for two and half years. She started out as a receptionist, and is currently a dispensing assistant and practice administrator.

All of our frames are hand-picked by Siobhan. She looks for quality, spring loaded hinges, titanium and such things that make a good quality frame. It is Siobhan’s motto that ‘quality over quantity’ is a winner. She enjoys seeing every patient leave Spectacular OPTICS happy, with the perfect choice of frame and lenses.

When not at work, Siobhan likes to spend time with her partner and their two Malamute dogs, Dozer and Tayto. They enjoy going for coastal walks, park dates and most importantly camping. They have taken quite well to the outdoor life since moving to Perth and getting the dogs.

Siobhan also enjoys cooking and baking in her spare time, and to help her fit and trim, she does the Kayla Itsines workouts.